Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Science with Margaret

Today Margaret,  a science facilitator from Nelson,  came to work with us in Room 7.  Margaret will be working with St John Bosco students and teachers this year to help us develop our scientific ideas,  understandings and practice in our school.  Today we looked at being great 'observers' and 'illustrators'.  We looked at collecting evidence to support our ideas.

In teams of three, we had to light a candle and then use our senses to NOTICE what was happening to the candle.  We had to think about the feel of the candle, the smell, the changes in the candle, the flame..(it was quite interesting watching how long it took us to agree on who was going to light the candle by the way)  It was very hard to focus on 'observing ' the candle rather than lighting it its of times!  We watched the flames change shape.  We felt the warmth of the flame next to our hands.

We had to think about 3 good 'noticings', or 'observations'.  We realised that 'observations' are ONLY things that we experience through our senses!  We had to use terms like, 'I saw...' or 'I smelt'...or 'I noticed...'  Our group had to agree on our observations.  We moved around and shared our ideas.  We had to talk and share our ideas and work co-operatively.

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